The Valentino Resort Collection, simply a fresh of breath air

It’s soft, lacey, summery and oh-so-delicately feminine. As part of the Valentino Resort Collection designers, Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia presented their series of white embroidered lace dresses, each carrying the weight of their workmanship with the lightness of a handkerchief. The collection’s “joyfulness” and “prettiness” most certainly visible through their floral maxis and monochromatic separates with an air of simple romance. Apparently, the designers put in long hours recreating their summer-inspiration and at the presentation labeled each piece of footwear with numbers like “40.49’18,” 41.05’59,” 39.48’39” to represent the number of hours, minutes and seconds it took to complete each pair. As Piccioli explained, “We wanted to show how luxury is about time.”

[New York Times] And [Ology]

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