Get going with your wine-in-a-bag

Given the strict liquid rules airline companies have imposed on passengers, this might not be ideal while travelling, but how drool-worthy is this lush French goatskin wine-in-a-bag handbag? Designer Claudia Eicke has reinterpreted the concept of wine-in-a-bag for today’s sophisticated, female oenophile with her new and trendy Weekender bag. Made from natural grain goatskin from France, the bottles can be tucked securely in the “tunnel” portion at the bottom of the bag which was specifically designed to be stiff to prevent the wine from budging out of place. Since it double as a trendy handbag, we highly approve! Part of Eicke’s envoyage collection, the Weekender bag costs CHF1,298 ($1,555).

So now, lip gloss –check, iPhone – check, Chardonnay –check, and off we go!


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