Ducati opens retail shop in Rome Airport

The next time you’re flying out of Rome Fiumicino, dont miss Ducati’s new apparel store, its pilot store in Italy. The store opens in partnership between the motorcycle maker and airport retailer Meridian Duty Free. Ducati is looking to extend its stores to more European and non-European airports, giving travelers around the world an opportunity to pick up branded merchandise on their journey. The outlet at Fiumicino sells the Ducati apparel collection, toys, books and other memorabilia, alongside additional items by brand partners such as sunglasses brand Oakley and fashion name Puma. A similar store is already open at Italy’s Bologna airport and two further European locations are planned to open by the end of this year. There are plans to further open six stores outside Europe in 2012, while they choose from the 30 busiest airports worldwide.

The Italian brand joins its compatriots, Ferrari in trying to attract the attention of the world’s globetrotting motoring fans. The latest Ferrari store to open doors last month was at Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport.


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