Transform Yourself with Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa’s beach escapes

Transform Yourself with Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa’s beach escapes
The Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa located in the idyllic Andaman Islands is looking to transform your life with their one-of-a-kind beach escapes. Whether its unwanted pounds that you’re looking to get rid off, unhealthy habits, poor diet or stress, that you can’t find the time to address, or perhaps if you’re just looking to benefit from a holistic boost – Anantara Si Kao’s pampering beach escapes is offering the perfect time and place to transform, with three personalized programs at the Wellness 360 Retreat, available from now until October 31, 2011.

The 7, 5 & 4 Day Personal Wellness Retreats: Guests can benefit from a private consultation and body composition analysis with the Naturopathic Doctor. Carefully prepared wellness meals and juices dish up flavorful replenishment throughout the stay. Anantara Spa rejuvenates through Naturopathic and Wellness 360 signature massages, herbal steam baths and saunas, banana leaf bath and moor mud wrap therapies while wellness activities like yoga sessions by the beach, in addition to a choice of cyclic or OM meditation at Anantara Spa complete the experience. To extend the positive changes, guests depart with a personal consultation program that can be easily incorporated into their daily home routine.

7, 5, 4 & 1 Day Body Detox Escapes: This program is designed to optimize detoxification through physical, mental and spiritual renewal, guests experience a blend of ancient wellness traditions and nature’s healing wisdom. The purifying pathway begins with a private detox consultation and a body composition analysis with the Naturopathic Doctor. Daily detox meals, juices and pro-biotics help to cleanse the body’s systems naturally. Anantara Spa treatments offered combine a choice of detox massages or wellness treatments with detox castor oil pack treatments, a choice of heat treatments ranging from a herbal steam to sauna bath and green leaf bath, as well as a traditional colon detox treatment, Indian head massage and detox salt scrub while Hatha yoga sessions by the beach encourage a sense of natural harmony. To conclude, a post detox evaluation with the Naturopathic Doctor is given accompanied by a personal diet program to take away.

7 & 5 Day Weight Watch Escapes: Since weight issues are often the result of poor diet, unhealthy habits and also blockages in the mind which prevent people from achieving their goals, these dedicated slimming retreats move beyond a fat burning approach, by also addressing mental and spiritual imbalances. The individual holistic state of health, weight watch and body fat analysis consultations are initially taken with the Naturopathic Doctor and guests are then assigned weight watch meals and juices to highlight how food can taste as good as it is for the body. Anantara Spa treatments to cleanse and detoxify the body’s systems have been programmed so that they work more efficiently, target problem areas of stubborn fat, and help to redefine and contour. A combination of weight watch, Ayurvedic powder and Ayurvedic slimming bolus massages are accompanied by herbal steam, infrared sauna and green leaf baths, alongside a specialist weight watch detox program and organic coffee cleanse. Guests are given a choice of power yoga or body shape yoga which can be enjoyed in secluded private sessions by the beach. With all the tools provided for a happier, healthier way of life, guests also receive a personal food recommendation plan so that they can cook health conscious recipes at home.

Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa is a lifestyle destination in itself, blending a shoreline Andaman paradise with all the professional guidance and luxurious facilities needed to create a brand new level of personal wellness. The resort’s Wellness 360 Retreat is revered as a paragon for holistic wellbeing; a sanctuary where guests seek respite from the hectic pace of daily life which can interfere with the achievement of personal goals, and where leading lifestyle experts oversee each guest’s journey to optimize immediate and long lasting success. Naturopathic consultations focus on treating the whole person, as opposed to specific symptoms. The resort’s flexible full board escapes are designed for guests to choose their ideal accommodation type and length of experience, enhanced by an all-inclusive package style so that they can concentrate solely on their personal wellness journey. In between program activities, wellness guests can fully enjoy the resort’s wonderful facilities, including an infinity edge pool overlooking the gardens, forest area and beyond to the untouched shore. When programs are completed, guests are given a tailored recommendation plan to continue their journey at home, ensuring that the initial transformation at the retreat becomes a part of their future way of life.

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