The Charles Hotel launches the Woman’s Guide to Munich’s Oktoberfest

Luxury hotel chain Rocco Forte’s The Charles, Munich hotel has designed a guide for females during this year’s Oktoberfest festival. The guide will help them understand the Oktoberfest etiquette and a chance to experience the festival with a two nights stay at the hotel and a complimentary Swarovski-infused Bavarian dress.

According to recent stats, women now account for more than 50 per cent of attendees at Munich’s famed Oktoberfest, and this year The Charles hotel in Munich is looking to help ladies better their experience with an exciting package that includes a two nights stay in addition to a personalized, custom-made Bavarian dress. From dress code essentials to dancing techniques, food and how to beat the queues, The Charles hotel will give women hints and tips on all the necessities. Critical info includes the amount of calories contained within popular festival food such as roasted almonds, candy floss, fried sausages and ‘Hendel’ – and a reminder to women to forget all notions of weight-watching whilst at Oktoberfest and dance instead! It also explains the importance of looking a person in the eye and saying ‘Prost’ when ‘clinking’ glasses, as well as refraining oneself from looking like a tourist with a t-shirt saying ‘I survived Oktoberfest’. Instead, The Charles explains that women should wear traditional costumes such as the ‘Dirndl’, a pretty Bavarian dress which comes in many different colors and varying skirt lengths.

For those who would like to include the experience of staying at The Charles Hotel, the hotel’s Oktoberfest package is available from September 17 to October 4, starting from $1,812 for two nights – which includes a Swarovski studded, personalized Dirndl made by well-known Bavarian designer: Schatzi Dirndl. Transportation to and from the designer’s store for fitting is also included, making this a one-of-a-kind experience.

And that’s not all. To further highlight the importance of this event, the hotel’s spa has also put together a ‘Wiesn Warm-Up Spa Treatment’, using hops, malt and yeast. There’s also the hotel’s ‘Wiesn Warm-Up’ where guests will be treated to an authentic stall on the terrace of the hotel’s Restaurant Davvero providing pretzels, Obazda cheese and many more much-loved Bavarian delicacies and refreshments.

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