Airstream Series 2 International 684 caravan for trendy nomads

Going on a road trip these days isn’t the same as it used to be in the day of the yore. Now we need to be constantly in touch with multimedia – it just has to be there, it is our way and right of life. The Airstream Series 2 International 684 caravan sounds like something you could invest in, if you enjoy your road trips. Airstream’s latest trailer is a twin-axle one and has features that boast modern designs. It includes 1.6 inch worktops, wider showers, longer kitchens, seating and wardrobe space as well as 12 drawers and a new storage space for laptops and books. It will also have a holder for more bottles that you can’t fit in the fridge. Unique to this series is a bedroom suite with a private bed, bath and dressing area partitions.

For £52,000 (58,000EUR / $84,000), you can hit the roads this summer in this stylish camper. This second series has been launched six years after its first one was unveiled by Airstream Europe.

Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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