Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company says ‘Let Us Stay With you’ in their new brand campaign

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is reaching out to their guests in a brand new brand platform later this month, with the introduction of an entirely new communications approach that showcases the core service philosophy that makes them a successful luxury lodging company. Going against the conventional, The Ritz-Carlton poses an alternative style of question to guests, asking ‘Let Us Stay With You’, thereby reversing the age-old approach of hotels asking guests to stay with them. The message is sent across through the use of artwork, film, messaging, and digital experience platforms, reaching out with the message to allow The Ritz-Carlton to be much more than just a hotel; but an experience and a memory that lasts a lifetime. The campaign as it is known rather than an advertising program, delivers the message in an intriguing fashion, drawing explicitly on a guests’ power of memory, by creating serendipitous moments that recall the beautiful facilities, one-of-a-kind on-site experiences, and services provided by the ladies and gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton. A primary priority for the organization through this platform has been the long-term success of The Ritz-Carlton within an evolving luxury consumer mind-set: To create guests for life through thoughtful touch points along their continuous journey as a guest. Ritz-Carlton’s ‘Let Us Stay With You’ declares the company’s clear point of view by defining those rare and special things that characterize true luxury. Components of the platform include a comprehensive advertising campaign, complemented by a memory-evoking piece of film (below), the introduction of additional social media networks and a website re-design revealing one of the most engaging new executions on www.RitzCarlton.com, expected to debut mid-October. It will allow ladies and gentlemen to publicly pen triumphant stories of luxury service and care, reinforcing that the brand status among consumers. On the social space, the hotel company has launched initiatives such as our Foursquare World Concierge, which further support guests where ever they are, and to add value to their lives even when they’re not traveling with The Ritz-Carlton.

‘Let Us Stay With You’ packages have also been simultaneously launched at Ritz-Carlton properties. While ‘Discover With You’ opens a world of discovery in The Ritz-Carlton destinations, ‘Rejuvenate You’ will offer ladies and gentlemen a variety of tranquil spa moments and ‘Treat You’ carries the promise of the most exquisite surrounds of The Club Level.

Take a look at their new film campaign and tell us, wouldn’t you let them stay with you?

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