One-of-a-kind, Luxury Travel Card launched by Ultratravel

The Ultratravel Currency Card, a first of its kind visa card has been launched to provide a range of benefits specifically to the luxury traveler. Launched by Ultratravel in conjunction with Visa, the card is free to apply for and there is no annual fee. Three separate cards are available – loaded with US Dollars, Euros or UK Sterling – and individuals can decide the amount they wish to pre-load and re-load onto their card (subject to the card’s maximum limits), at competitive exchange rates you are unlikely to find at the airport or on the high street. The Ultratravel Currency Card is a Visa card and works like any other payment card. It is accepted worldwide and is very easy to load and reload with currency, either online, over the phone or by SMS. All the details – and up-to-date comparative exchange rates – can be found at

When used in the currency loaded onto it, the Card avoids currency charges that are often applied by a bank when a credit card or debit card is used overseas. There are no transaction charges with the Ultratravel Currency Card, which can be used in millions of shops and restaurants outside the UK. The card also charges a low fixed overseas ATM fee of £1.50 ($2.4) when you withdraw cash outside UK.
To apply for a Ultratravel Currency Card, travelers can visit – a website for luxury travelers, where individuals share their travel experiences, create trips, post reviews of their travels and join discussions. Cardholders will also have access to a wide range of benefits including special offers from the world’s top luxury travel suppliers.

The Ultratravel Currency Card is designed specifically for spending abroad and gives security and convenience to the traveler. The Ultratravel Currency Card is powered by Caxton FX. For full Terms and Conditions please visit

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