Real estate in Mallorca – it could be a buyers paradise

mallorca-real-estateIt is safe to say that Mallorca is well known as a massive party island. Every year, thousands of youngsters, usually turning up in droves, make way to Mallorca to enjoy the vibrant festivities. If you are no longer a party animal at heart, and are looking for a more peaceful existence, Mallorca may not be your first choice for a holiday home destination. If you feel Mallorca is not the right destination for you because you don’t want to join in on the party, you should think again, things have changed in Mallorca and there is a wealth of luxury residences, in tranquil and beautiful surroundings, for you to make the most of.

So what has changed to improve the property market?
The Spanish economy is growing at a rate much better than expected. In 2013, property sales were predicted to increase by a massive 25%. This prediction was not only met, but completely surpassed, reaching an unbelievable 60%. The average value of a property sold has also increased. In 2012 the average house price was around 85,000 euros, but this has risen by almost 10,000 euros through 2013. This, among other financial improvements, has seen an improvement in the financial stability of the Spanish economy, which through 2013 has increased by 1% and is expected to continue to grow.

Throughout 2012, property sales were most commonly to people from Belgium, France, Norway and Sweden. But as the economy and confidence in the market has improved, people from Britain are now making their mark once again. In 2013, over 60% of sales were down to British buyers.

In recent years, Mallorca has invested great sums of money into the development of the local environment. That said, there is still a lively environment in the centre towns, so if you like the odd taste of the night life, it is still available. As you move out of the centre, you come to see the beautiful landscapes, high mountainous regions, astounding water bodies and some beautiful residences set in the grounds that could make the perfect setting for your new holiday home.

What types of residence are available in Mallorca?
There is a huge selection of holiday homes available in Mallorca, in fact there is something there to suit just about anyone. You may want to take up one of the unbelievable front-line villas overlooking the sea, providing you with that perfect view every morning when you wake up. For a more secluded residence, you may take to the rural areas and move into one of the breath taking cottages, privacy, tranquility and beautiful surroundings are guaranteed. If these don’t take your fancy, maybe you want to get a bit closer to the action with one of the luxury, central apartments, bringing you right into the heart of this superb holiday destination.

Where should I look next?
If you want to see some great examples of holiday homes in Mallorca, the best resource is the Internet. Do some searches and take a look at the images and descriptions. This will give you a great feel for what Mallorca has to offer you. Real estate agents often give a lot of informations online. On their website you can find offers for various types of luxury real estate in Mallorca, the opportunity to filter by different options and further informations about buying a property in Spain. Be sure to read the reviews and get the opinions of other people who have made the move to this famous destination.

If a holiday home is what you are looking for, you could be missing out if you don’t consider what Mallorca has to offer. Take a look online, you are sure to fall in love with what you see.

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