Rixos Elysium Suites Taksim, Istanbul now open for business

The Rixos Elysium Suites Taksim, the first hotel offering duplex suite rooms officially opened doors yesterday, in Taksim, Turkey. The hotel which introduces a smart building concept is located in Taksim – the destination of culture, art, commerce and entertainment. Designed by famous architect Ali Esad Göksel, the hotel is ideally located offering guests the delights of a modern life at high standards exclusively provided by Rixos. Consisting of suites, Rixos Elysium Suites Taksim’s interior decoration combines classical elements of the historical Beyoğlu, with a modern and minimalist approach; and a contemporary interior design concept with exclusive high-tech details. Rixos Elysium Suites Taksim consists of 141 suites located on 21 flats, the suites ranging in dimension from 86 sq m to 181 sq m for 1+1 rooms. The suites prices start at €200 ($273) per night. The hotel boasts of several Turkish influences including the Turkish baths in the Ottoman Palaces and other Turkish components from authentic decoration elements to live reed flute performances and local massages. For diners, combining the ethnic patterns of North Africa and Lebanon with a modern concept of decoration, Lebanese restaurant, Layali offers traditional delicacies along with special dishes derived from an international cuisine for the guests.

Istanbul has gained much popularity among international travelers over the years. Last year the country hosted 7,825,000 tourists and has already witnessed an increase of 20.4 per cent in 2011. Within an evaluation among the cities of Europe, Istanbul possesses second place with the expansion of 20.4 per cent.

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