Naked Retreat offers eco-friendly getaways at its new Shanghai luxury resort

We have had one look at these images and were instantly transported to paradise. Don’t be fooled by the term ‘naked’, which represents the resort’s “naked” weekend getaway that will transport its guests to experience nature at its raw, untouched naked best, while enjoying a natural, organic lifestyle. Guests will experience eating locally grown foods, drinking mountain spring water, getting around on foot and taking baths in a bamboo forest. Naked Resorts has been offering environmentally friendly accommodation and cultural immersion programs in Moganshan since four years, and will now offer these naked weekend getaways when they open its second getaway in China: naked Stables Private Reserve, this October. The naked Stables Private Reserve is set in a 60-acre, private valley at the foot of Moganshan. The company calls the new resort China’s first sustainable luxury wellness resort and equestrian reserve. The new reserve will offer freestanding villas in a pine forest, with panoramic views of pine trees and Moganshan ranges, forty newly built huts amid Moganshan’s bamboo forest, an equestrian center with 20 horses, in addition to an equestrian field and mountain trails, an 80-seat Afro-Asian restaurant, Kikaboni (which means “organic” in Swahili), overlooking a reservoir, a 750-sq-m wellness and spa center, partially hidden on stilts amid the tranquility of a bamboo forest.

Under an environmentally friendly theme, all the buildings will be built with sustainable materials, with the aim of becoming the first resort in Asia to achieve the LEED Platinum sustainability certification. No motor vehicles will be permitted inside naked Stables Private Reserve. Access is by foot or solar-powered electric buggy. Sounds like paradise on earth, doesn’t it? Prices for naked Stables Private Reserve visits have not been confirmed, so watch this space.


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