Gundam hotel room opens at Deluxe 5 star resort Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba in Tokyo

Deluxe 5 star resort Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba Ideally located 20minutes from Haneda International Airport, Tokyo and a mere 15minutes from the central business area, Grand Pacific LE Daiba is the perfect place to stay whether your trip is for business or leisure. Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba has spent about 10 million yen to convert a 84-square-meter two-room suite (around 900 square feet) into a very special Gundam-themed suite for fans of the popular Japanese anime series. The hotel in collaboration with the Gundam Front Tokyo complex is next to the life-size, 1:1 Gundam statue. The only disappointment is that the statue will not be viewable from the themed room, despite the hotel being so close. The “Room-G, special type” guestroom decorated with paintings, cutouts, the bedding, room keys and other items featuring the anime characters.

For two people, the cost is 26,000 yen (approx. $330) per person, while for three people, its 25,000 yen ($317) per person. Room service is available and Gundam inspired food will be served. The costs for the hotel stay include tickets to the Gundam Front Tokyo complex. Black cushions with emblems of the Zeon Armed Forces, and the Earth Federation Forces of Japan’s popular animation Gundam are placed on beds in a Gundam-themed special guestroom at the hotel.

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